Costandinos "Costa" Karalis is a first-generation Middle Eastern American filmmaker who was raised on stories of all sorts. After the loss of his father at a young age, he turned to these stories to help him through hard times. 
Years later, he began to share his own stories with the world and hopes that what he makes will help others laugh and smile when it seems impossible. He recently earned his BFA in Film Production at Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts.
His films have played around the world and, most notably, have landed on the BAFTA-LA Student Shortlist and been selected for the 2020 American Pavilion at Cannes and CamerIMAGE 2021.  
He recently worked in the Production Office for FX's 'Atlanta' and is currently working as a director of music videos and short films in Atlanta, GA.
When he isn’t creating, he’s consuming. He is a fan of board games, comic books, and the absurdities of the world.