Dark Comedy - 7 mins
While out on a dinner date neither of them can afford, Scott and Selina discover they are in over their heads when they participate in a twisted betting game that has become a tradition among the regulars of the establishment.
“Chinook is simply a story about fish out of water. I wanted to explore the idea that good people in strange circumstances could come out on top and question whether they deserve to end up doing so or not. Chinook also examines themes of opportunity and affluence (good luck versus good fortune). What happens when we demand the utmost freshness from our meals? What happens when a well-prepared dinner is not enough to satiate our hunger? I believe that our world is one ripe with waste in the face of entertainment. Chinook comments on the winners and losers that exist in this sort of world in an unsettling and ironic way. I hope you'll laugh at it's absurdity and enjoy the show.”
-Costa Karalis
Writer/Director, ‘Chinook’