Absurdist Horror - 10 mins
An anxiety nightmare of a man who becomes paranoid that someone is out to steal his teeth while he sleeps.
“I’ve been anxious my whole life, but never about anything sensible. It’s always the most absurd, improbable thing that will keep me up at night. I wanted to explore what would happen to a person who was afflicted by this same anxiety when that fear manifested and the worry became real. In writing this story I found that acceptance was the only solution, both for the character and in my own life. The film is very much all the negative emotions and pervasive thoughts I’ve had in my head put to screen. The whole process of creating this work was as therapeutic as it was terrifying. My hope is for people to laugh at the terror, smile at something gruesome, and breathe a deep sigh of relief when it’s all over. That thing you’re worried about is nothing at all. Everything will be well."
- Costa Karalis
Writer/Director of Chipped